nakedapocalypse.com, post-everything anecdotals, dactyls, total-freedom invective against the ruling claw, greasy naievity et al.

freethelanguage.com, a treasury for those of us linguistic enough to realise that speech is a figurative pissing of oppression and counterrevolutionaryism.

thriceempty.net features milieu of nothing, reflexively focussed at its own absence, deliciously engaging (a queezy affront).

truthiswrong.org quite the baby. worth all your tribulation.

Logical F is a collective of anestheticians and taxidermists against consumer imperialism in a blind world without words. They are exquissitely precise in their terminology, and I know no contemporary group that does a better job covering all their theoretical and practical bases so effectively.

The Plural God Lexicon pretty much says it all. check it out.

LittleYouMe started as a sancuary for miniature cross-cultural animals in the ruins of Tenochtitlan. It has since approached more central currency, with a twinge of...

For those interested in the occult, and the place of hieroglyphic phonetic structures in a contemporary Art World:
The venus of Willendorf isn't dead yet?
Thought you'd seen it all? You were right.

Helen Woodson took $25,000
from the teller at an Illinios bank
with the help of an unloaded pistol
and burned it there on the floor.
Letters to:
Helen Woodson
03231-045, Bates County Jail.
P.O. Box 60, MO 64730

Lilith was Adam's first wife
who left Eden (to be replaced by Eve)
refusing to sleep always underneath
 during sex. Lilith still visits men
in their sleep to steal their sperm
for the creation of her demon babies
which men experience as wet dreams.
She may have had an affair with God.

Aurochs (singular)
are a species of
European bovine
 finally eliminated
in 1627.


identity fetishism

intellectual elitism

can of hair

mute society

giant flower

more soon...

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