Worship, tonight. Oblutions, daily. oooooooooooooooooooo  hush hush lovely

So Carnal,, LOVE it: but snap me, & where's the greatGoat? lie out. Coddle off twat.
As Goya's own sordidity & backwards "oh"s, we spake & span.iMAJINE!
(imaging...) so "ev'ry bath's a baptism" what's they'd smear'd
& shucks but integration's waning deep.

&shine. &shine. &shone away, collapse
what's the point? where'm ee at? sits allveringth swa mun&eaningless-
replete some chaoses apart from backbait symmetries.
worship to one another's gate.

in sanctity, unsane. the Hiromishic yearnings as to clambour through one's own.
Vices. That Ice - so lift up your arms & howl! the mout non)

our lord
to these we-GHOSTLY- owe my ver (etc etc) & a spinning hoax. Oh, Oh yes.
flickering spirits of OOoooOOoOOOOOOOOO

Small Gods, Galling Smauds...
who is the smallest of them all?
prick a bleeding
craft hope from golden goats
an investment in the physical
how $ isolates religious materialists


we all fall down      Las Marrionettas, interestante por su poder de hacer vivir los muertes (y asi es, y esi tiene que ser. pues) Visitantes a la isla pueden...bueno (aparte que es una categoria maldicho; dejate abierto tus perEntesIs hush hush

            (what am i?)
                            ESCRITO. EL ESCRITORIO. ETCERERA. Y PAM!
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