april-3rd-’08 (it’s a Thursday)

to create an open text opposing a closed one.
gestalt theory, wholeness. no, that's wrong.
extreme fragmentation. no, that's wrong. repeat.

To interpret is to impoverish, to deplete the world --
in order to set up a shadow world of "meanings." -Sontag

to represent ambiguity of shape, meaning, form and intent:
what beasts are contained, what representations are there?
neurons, coral reefs, maps, swirling tides, wood grain,
creatures, fishes, sperm, light waves, roots, plants, organic.
rotate it - turn it around, flip upside down.
there's no way
to see it.

no truth likely. no meaning's It.
no reality, of course. An' you could look at anything,
interpret as a shoe. "what does this represent?"

to illustrate an integration of accidents with intentions.
"i found this thing, so i'll use it towards my end"
"i made a mistake here, that's for incorporating. use it"
"half of it is incidental, i'll incorporate its so-ness"
(i just said these things now)
not to make new things, the dumpster diving ethic; where
we are now, we ought to make things out of waste.
the past buildup of culture-art/utility is so enormous
that the most beneficial thing to do is
make creations on top of the past. we are, of course,
doing this all the time, but often lose the idea
of it in new, fresh looking media. to not reinvent wheels,
draw all over wheels.

where do they overlap, where are they isolate, separate?
where are they thick? where are they thin? where do they clot?
is each line a person.

(metaphor of clotting)


i am devoted to contradiction.
i will not be logical.
i have/am too many fractals & facets & points of V.

understand myself.
understand myself.

and i don't mean to teach you anything. the missionary.
the crow. the prophet. get this like a grapeshot gun.

these represent emotions, love for - , lostness from - ,
portraits of - , who - is to me. who is - ?

this is a space, you are entering my head.

no straight lines, no geometry.
"The straight line is godless and immoral" -Hundertwasser

occult, mystic reasoning
no cause or effect

i could go on \ i should go on \ should i?
[i understand completely and implicitly \
don't know anything and am utterly in the dark about
my intentions, direction, purpose]
this is not enough. nothing is enough.