the lacey left a world for a shrimp:

swimming in the sky,
he&she casts about
with tentacled whiskers for the rays of philosophic sanity.
desperate-furtive, that greybodied shrimp is
pushing towards a truth of its own.

and where the literary intersects
with the political&scientific,
there a unity of laterals calls up a plural victory from below.

swimming in the sky, this is a worm of enlightened persuasion,
clawing and pulling through the atmospheres for a redbuckled normality.
greybodied, pink entropies dangle
from the sullen broods of his knobbly mind, her wooden soul.

a sleepy concern goes trolling through
swimming in the sky, shrimp notices other shrimp.

cause talking like that you know you'd be the best politician, right?
i'll take my dignity quarterly.

now that we've created him a world,
she's got to live in it.
do you hear that ominous pounding,
as of the doors to you mind cracked
by a horde of a thousand drumming demons?

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the lacey right