***PRESS RELEASE*** In the 1990s William Pope L ("The Friendliest Black Artist In America") crawled the length of Broadway in a superman outfit. Thank you always: and there are scarcely have any heroes left. We pushed this cart from Bedstuy to the Bronx, tracing Broadway from South to North, in homage, and against most things we have. As prelude and post-script it continues to swell and blossom.

Some Theme's May Include: Ⓐbject-Oriented Ontology, The Idiot Hero, Sisyphus, Otherness Totem, Semiotic Anomaly, The In-Between, Performance-Cart, Garbage, Industrial Capital, Trash Animalia, Absurdity of the Western Individual, (Fragility/Nudity/Pornography), Identity Flux, Emergent Compulsive, Body as Shambling Community, 'Pushing' [Homeless], Nomadic Architecture Eyesore, Post-Freudian Sexuality, The Gigantic Snail, Inverted Metaphoric Ensemble, The Nothing Box, Constructivist Archive (prefix/suffix, in/out), Anti- Advertising Joke, Pathetic Psychogeographic Topographittis, Nihilist Silence, The Contempoorary 'Fake', etc.

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