The Performance Cart 1.0 - 3.0

the performance cart's first iteration was in 2014, as a kind of roving trundling heap of otherness abjects, vegetable grotesquery, the contents of the underground, a miniature but triumphant parade against everything, a glitch in the matrix of being and purpose, a portal to an impossible utopia of black tentacles, inverted plush toys, arachnoid mattress bindings, bubbling polyp guts, playdough worlds, and questionably dripping tines. It wandered peripheral to consumer spheres, from Bedstuy up to the Bronx, enacting Nihilist homage to William Pope L, Deleuze, et al. Some Theme's May Include: ‚í∂bject-Oriented Ontology, The Idiot Hero, Sisyphus, Otherness Totem, Semiotic Anomaly, The In-Between, Performance-Cart, Garbage, Industrial Capital, Trash Animalia, Absurdity of the Western Individual, (Fragility/Nudity/Pornography), Identity Flux, Emergent Compulsive, Body as Shambling Community, 'Pushing' [Homeless], Nomadic Architecture Eyesore, Post-Freudian Sexuality, The Gigantic Snail, Inverted Metaphoric Ensemble, The Nothing Box, Constructivist Archive (prefix/suffix, in/out), Anti- Advertising Joke, Pathetic Psychogeographic Topographittis, Nihilist Silence, The Contempoorary 'Fake', etc.

Thanks to Hsin Wang for this Photo! Thanks to Victor Jeffreys and the Westboro Baptist Church for this Photo 

above are three of the most salient fauxo-graphics of the cart. thanks to hsin wang, victor jeffries, and the westboro baptist church for the images.


sergio coyote's phenomenal videography of the transpirations around some of brooklyn's more questionably suspect events can be seen above. more of his incredible documents can be seen on French Television



the newest revulsion of the cart 4.0 was destroyed by New York City in October 2016, with some documentation here on the enormousface blog.