Art Video Games Syllabus
The Contemporary Avant Garde

Cactus, a freelance developer from Gothenberg Sweden, is probably my capstone source, and almost all of his games are stunning.
*  Psychosomnium  *  Hot Throttole  *   Mondo Medicals  *  Design  *

& Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf  *  are to be especially recommended.

Marriage: a gorgeous, infuriating, abstract

Ute is about sex

Covetous discourses around para-sitism & ucanny twinning

Jason Rohrer is a alt-gaming celebrity whos somber life/relationship games like Passage have been a poetic difference from the ADHD genocide of the mainstream.

Dwarf Fortress is a restro-nuovo, with zero focus-pocus on the graphic, and a near total textualization of the visual (although you can connect viewers to it) but minutely programmed down to the dietary tastes of tribal members. [note: it takes really long to understand]

Computer Game as Novel
[many of these may require DOSbox emulation, and they're worth spending half an hour learning its ins & outs]

Hero's Quest (see also King's Quest) is the Epic Beginning Irony of HTML drama sarcasm, creative problem solving, post-cultural hodgepodge and innuendo.  Remember: in these text-type games, |||YOU CAN DO ANYTHING|||

Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters is one of the most hilarious ornate clever Novels we have. Stunning and godlike in its biological innovations, it offers an infinite path.

Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist is an ingenious twist on the anti-hero Actor-Protagonist in a strictly anti-modern Western landscape. It's also a Kareoki sing-along.

Back to strict Theory for a second, Worms and Earthworm Jim offer different perspectives on the collective individual Worm-Being. This is probably very important. [idk abt these dwnlds]

Classic Super Nintendo Plots
(it is likely necessary to download an emulator like ZSNES and then instal the ROM files to play these games)

Really a perfect pair, Final Fantasy III gestures at a political upheaval and the struggle toward progressive recombination co-ops, while Chrono Trigger treats triads and Time-Space. Plural in its Monad, Dozens of endings and tangents. Very Heiddigger.

Other Honorable Mentions include:

Star Ocean, Black and White, Samorost, Civilization & Master of Orion II,
Masters of Magic, Lemmings, Pooyan & Yoshi's Islands, Roxanne and the Quest for the Time-Bird, Spore...

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